Friday, June 26, 2015

Tracking You

I follow your sign,
the bent twigs, the partial prints
filling with new rain,
filling with old sand
while I feel my heart slowly
drain of memory
as I forget you
and how you touched me like sky
touches all the earth.

‎January ‎7, ‎2011 9:01 AM


  1. I wish there's a like button on your post. Because you know, it's not easy to say something about a poem. It's ineffable.

    1. Just write like. You know - I have never said - I know your call sign is Irene T. But it has always looked like Ire Net to me... *grin*

  2. You can't enable the Share This options like in wordpress?

    1. I don't know where it could be. I have checked and not found a "Share This" option. However, I have never had trouble posting my blog address to Facebook and having it complete itself in Facebook style. Also I highlight and "ctrl-c" any address in my address bar and "ctrl-v" it into any location that accepts text or addresses and have good results with the links, so I never found a need for a "share this" button.

    2. That is such fundamental computer knowledge that I am sure I don't need to help people share if they want to. There is a Google+ sharing option inside Google but I want no part of that.


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