Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Have A Couple Questions - A Magpie Tale

The Man And The Moon, Andrew Wyeth, 1990
Provided by Tess Kincaid as a writing prompt for Mag 178

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I Have A Couple Questions

When they called for me
I came, ass naked. When I
arrived, dismounting
and standing beside
my cycle, it's headlamp still
piercing the two wheeled
fog, I wished then for
good shoes most of all.

When they
call, I come. It's what
they ask and they ask
so rarely. It's all I can
do to repay them
for their kindness in
the wild of this wooly world.
Sadly, I am late.

But why am I nude?
And why is the big big moon
crashing down on us?

July 21, 2013 9:39 AM


  1. A being who comes when he is asked, even with the "moon crashing down on" him... what a gift ;-)

    1. Well, maybe he didn't notice til he got there...

  2. I wished for good shoes most of all...oh yeah...brilliant powerful line...

  3. Curiously apt as a response to a curious prompt...

    1. You sound like a man sensitive to the curious. I think most of my stuff is off a couple clicks.

  4. this was a wonderful poem. the visual prompt was also great!!
    I also liked the shoes line.... a zinger. but, one has to wonder about the good vibrations on a bike like that so precariously (un) attired.


    1. A still image can lead many directions. He stands there nude. Perhaps just off scene is a pile of clothes. I like it better if he was riding nude though. Hi, sweetie. Hope all is well.

  5. There must be good reasons why he is nude. He is late yes, but why nude! Is it a sort of initiation gathering for some groups? And he was late? May be so!

    You left a very good question unanswered, Chris! Brilliant, the question lingers on!


    1. Yup...I like poetry to invite questions.

  6. I love how you set the scene before posing your questions. Strong write.

  7. I'm almost always late for everything - never been requested to arrive in the nude though - yet. The moon is a worry... Excellent write Christopher.
    Anna :o]

    1. The only way the moon can be that big is that it is that close. Talk of apocalyptic events... The tides from a moon in stable orbit that close to us would be monstrous and probably create large earthquakes for millennia to boot. The chance of the orbit being stable is small and so that sucker is gonna crash in on us!

  8. Maybe nude is more interesting?

  9. the ending so surprised me, christopher. if i can guess, they haven't caused the moon to crash down upon us at all, but we most likely have blundered its demise. (perhaps that is not from your poem but rather from my interpretation of our relationship to the world.)

    i really like how you brought a reference to clothing in here, "repay them/for their kindness in/the wild of this woolly world."

    oh to be outside under the moon. too often we don't hear the call.


    1. I had a girlfriend who liked to shed her clothes. I loved her dearly. In my dope fiend days I had the body for it and I didn't mind being naked either - but the shoe line in the poem is real from that time and this... bare feet suck!

      Lately I personally don't mind nudity though I do want my boundaries. I like to think I cover up out of kindness to those nearby. I am no longer pleasing to the eye for many reasons.

  10. Replies
    1. It matters how you look at things...

      Just barely :D


      The usual. Ever since I started caring I have been behind myself :D

  11. This is fantastic Christopher I agree I love how deliciously curious it is

    1. Thank you. A guy once put his hand face in flat against his nose stating, "Get the picture?"

      He meant of course you have to look at things differently to see the obvious. There are often things expectation and habit blind us to. Artists see beyond such. I think this poem is mostly reportage of what is actually there in Wyeth's painting with only a little salt added.


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