Monday, January 21, 2013

Holy Moment - Reprise

The angels speak amongst themselves concerning the humans scuttling among the tumbled boulders near the first cascade beyond the cirque...

Or perhaps it is humans who speak among themselves concerning the crickets they keep in bamboo cages...

Holy Moment

They too have touched us
in this matching of their love,
in this last descent.
It is here we meet
with them most surely,
in loving the tiny ones
with their rapid hearts
and small secret thoughts
who leave us so easily
and so soon.

November 28, 2009 7:38 AM

This offering is reprised entire from its first posting on May 9, 2011. Please check out this Ted Talk. It is compelling and deeply, deeply true.


  1. I will have to listen later, or give away my blog sneaking at work :/

    "Poultry in motion"....LOL!

  2. i think i listened to this the first time through, christopher, but this messages is never enough once. i imagine even for the man speaking, he must learn it over and over again. and so i begin again~



The chicken crossed the road. That's poultry in motion.

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