Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baptismal Waters

God is a grieving God. This is a crucial aspect of Divinity, so much so that the central vision of the Judaeo-Christian tradition is one of sacrificing the most cherished manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Of course the One who gives up His only seed be that Son or Messiah of His people, of course the Father grieves. And because God is Infinite, so is the grief. This is not only crucial, it is fundamental. You can divide the Infinite an infinite number of times, and not only is the result infinite, so are each of the divisions. Thus His Love, His Joy, His Hope and His Grief, all are infinite even when focused precisely and infinitely on you.

As well, you may note that I say "gives up His only seed". There is no past tense in the presence of the Infinite. All is present.

Baptismal Waters

You spoke well to me,
a voice I will not forget,
words that wove true love,
a weaving that took
threads of air, of fire, the warp,
earth and water, weft.
Your tears were warm rain,
tears of great and new release,
and I've collected
them for baptism
for they are truly holy
as now so are we.

July 15, 2010 8:00 PM

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