Friday, May 27, 2016


Found in the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina
Beleived to be a Holocaust Lampshade
Made from human skin

In my former life
the capstone was when
they took my hide,
tanned it and used it
for Hitler's lampshade.

Giving my hide
was my last act
in Europe.
After the war
I was born
in America.

May 27, 2016 9:15 PM


  1. I am lighter now
    The epi dermis
    Having gone too
    t first I was upset
    That they took my teeth
    Buy fillings are the
    Spoils of war
    They left the tattoos Alone
    I wonder who ended up
    With number 1
    I mean
    What a thing to be
    Number 1 at
    Yo guys check it out
    I'm finally head of the line
    One wonders if lamps were all thar were made
    All the rage
    And made in chronological order
    These things and more go
    Through my brain
    Abhorrent is not a strong enough word disgusting is not a word in line
    With a man that could find
    The shade of light through
    Human skin pleasing
    This could have been part
    Of my children's family tree
    Right time and place
    right city
    I hope they defrocked
    That lampshade
    Making it human again
    Memorial day us coming up
    There is ample space
    For a place
    To inter
    A former shade
    God rest that skin maybe now
    Rest can begin
    In Ernest

    Chris McQueeney ©2016


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